Dr. Rick Morgans

Innovation and Optimisation Lead


Rick holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Adelaide

Rick is a founding member of Resolutions Systems, and has over 20 years’ experience in advanced analytics using digital twins (models of engineering systems) to add value to both business and academia. He has solved problems in many disparate fields, with the underlying theme being the use of well validated mathematical models of physical systems, combined with combined with state-of-the-art optimisation methods and large numbers of powerful computers to find the best possible solution to problems. By finding just the right loudspeaker shape, his PhD research resulted in better sounding loudspeakers. He has modelled the acoustics of rockets, coating processes of lenses, the wind flow around complex buildings, and a large number of other interesting problems. His theoretical modelling experience is tempered by both practical experience in measurement and data analysis, as well as a business overview – it is very satisfying when your models match measurements, and lead to the adoption of a new range of products giving the company you work for a competitive advantage. He has been heavily involved with the early adoption of cloud computing in engineering analytics, and currently runs the AWS (Amazon Web Services) user group in Adelaide.

At MaxMine, Rick is responsible for setting the strategy for any research and development to be carried out within the development team, managing the team on a day-to-day level to ensure that any development decisions that are made are aligned with management and operational requirements. Rick works closely with the on-site delivery teams to agree and prioritise any sit-specific requirements and enhancements.