Turning Tyre Life Around

No matter how complicated you make it improving tyre life can be very simple.

Be kind to them and they can last you a long time.

On the other hand if you treat them like you did your first car they will not last as long as they should.

Tyres are generally the easiest lever to pull on a site and one look at your haul roads and corners soon indicate what a sites failure modes are likely to be.


This particular site was running with a tyre life of less that 3000 hours per tyre, changing out over 350 tyres a year.

They were blowing tyres almost every shift.

And almost every time a tyre blew it was in the pit.

This as you know also meant that the truck had to be recovered or limped to a safe location.

There were a few fundamental issues that this site faced but none insurmountable.


This project had three key steps:

  • Identify what is causing the greatest impact on Tyre Life?
  • Establish Plan to address the low tyre life?
  • Effectively roll out the plan and maintain performance?

Identifying the Problem?

As with most sites the key driver with tyre life is driven by one key factor, speed, but where and how you slow down is the key.

You don’t and shouldn’t slow down unnecessarily.

Established And Prepared Plan?

The target tyre life for this site was 5000 hours per tyre.

The crews were keen to improve their tyre life and not have to deal with the failures in the pit.

The first point that was changed was how crews were measured against tyre life.

The second point was focused on what each individual operator could control.

The third point was that the solution had to be easy to understand and easy to communicate.

Roll Out and Maintain?

This plan was prepared with the assistance of the MaxMine coach.

Although the MaxMine site coach didn’t deliver the roll out they essentially created all the materials to deliver the roll out and supported the leaders through the process.

The Roll out was clear and concise and to the point.

Maintenance of the uplift is aided by the MaxMine system that easily integrates into daily site activities.

The performance is automatically tracked for the site and the MaxMine site coaches monitor and feedback to the site.


The changes in the crews behaviour was almost instantaneous.

Engagement with the MaxMine system and approach was very high.

Tyre life and speed increased from 3000 hours to over 5000 hours within 12 months.

Number of tyres changed went from 350 tyres per year down to 150 tyres per year


If you are interested in understanding more of what this site went through you can down load this Case study below: