With MaxMine you can…

Monitor & Optimize Operator Performance

With Operator conformance scorecards, unit cost reduction, mine production report development integration, and more.


Monitor & Optimize Equipment Performance

Reduce the number of underperforming machines through equipment health reporting and real-time equipment performance diagnostics, automated alert systems for high value potential failures, and more.


Monitor & Optimize Haul Routes

With corner assessment and adjustment, haul condition analysis, loading analysis, mine planning support/optimization, and more.


Handle Ad Hoc Requests

With new features delivered every two weeks in agile development sprints, deep-dive investigations (safety, root cause analysis etc.), scenario testing, mine planning and budgeting support, and automation of existing manual reports, and more.


Enjoy Enterprize-Wide Reporting

Web-based platform allows rolled up reporting, analytics and benchmarking within your group.


With MaxMine, you get an improvement in mining unit costs through:

  • Reduced number of incidents / accidents on your site
  • Increased tonnes
  • Increased tire life
  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Improved operator productivity, reduced labour costs and less overtime