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MaxMine was developed by Resolution Systems, a team of big data and IOT experts who have been using big data to identify and implement major improvements for blue chip companies in vehicle fault diagnosis, automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper, oil and gas and even the world’s first injection of steam into a lead blast furnace for over 20 years.

Founded in January 2015, Resolution Systems first trialed MaxMine in July 2015 at Newmont Boddington and progressed to commercial operation in August 2016. Since then, MaxMine has been growing steadily, our first overseas site at South32 in South Africa, and our first large mining contractor site with MacMahon Contractors in the Pilbara, Western Australia, and more to come.

With over 1 million hours of on-asset operation, MaxMine is now proven on both mechanical and electric trucks with multi-million dollar savings being realised across the globe.

You can’t solve a problem you don’t know you have.

Current out-the-box solutions are only showing you 10% of the picture. MaxMine’s cutting-edge technology unlocks new data sources to fill in the other 90%, creating a detailed digital “twin” of your mine. Through intensive and extensive performance data analysis, MaxMine’s industry-leading cloud- and AI-based technology allows you to identify and capitalize on efficiency, productivity and profitability improvement opportunities that were previously inaccessible or invisible, by delivering actionable information into your teams’ daily work flow – all in real time.

Mining big data, extracting efficiency.

MaxMine gathers upwards of 10 000 to 1 million times more high-resolution data than existing systems, which means you get a crystal-clear bigger picture, in real-time, all the time.

MaxMine’s platform uses cloud processing power and artificial intelligence to analyze and visualize this data robotically, removing human analysts from the process to deliver faster, more accurate outputs, in order of priority. Haul route optimization, machine health, operator behavior, cornering, tire life, speed zones – these are some of the areas of your operation where money is made or lost. MaxMine isolates problem areas, prioritises the improvement opportunities and supplies instructions (to the frontline) to resolve them.

MaxMine’s functionality is able to incorporate all existing data sources (continuous, ad hoc, recurring, email, SQL, FMS, scans, google analytics, API’s to third party systems etc.) while unlocking a world of new and previously inaccessible data sources.

What’s more, you’ll get a complete data history for historical analyses of new parameters, or for incident and accident investigations. Your data is kept under strict security protocols, accessible only to authorized persons.

You get insights that really count.

Data means nothing unless it translates into real-world daily improvements that maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability. While gathering high-quality data is the first step, the real victory is in converting that data into insights that create value and generate results that count. MaxMine delivers actionable insights that are consistent, accurate, practical and fair, allowing you to get the most out of your operation AND your operators. MaxMine’s artificial intelligence helps you formulate, lock-in, maintain and track sustainable improvements over time, so you can further refine your optimization strategies, and measure your results accurately. You don’t need to wait for results, either. MaxMine can be installed in 2 weeks, and data is available immediately with off-the-shelf installation and ready-to-go outputs. And because MaxMine is fully automated, it is unprecedentedly faster, more accurate, more cost effective and 100% scalable.

Maximum simplicity for maximum results.

MaxMine’s end-user interface converts detailed, massive data into clear, simple, focused improvement instructions for operators and supervisors via our user-friendly end-user interface. This means that each and every day, your operation is in a constant process of refinement and optimization. What’s more, if anything changes within your operation, you will be automatically notified, with information on the nature of the change and its location.

Our qualified team of experienced coaches is ready to train your supervisors and crews on how to implement improvements, to ensure sustainability. MaxMine’s reliable support teams are ready across the world to quickly respond to queries or enhancement requests.

MaxMine’s visualization systems show you exactly who is doing what, where and when, identifying poor performance and suggesting solutions and improvements.

A real solution, for real results.

While other techpreneurs are advertising concepts and vapourware, MaxMine has already been implemented in mining operations around the globe, delivering valuable results, right now, to reduce variation, reduce waste, improve operator feedback, increase tonnes, increase profits and more.


Connecting problems with solutions, insights with improvements.

MaxMine is fully independent of other site communication infrastructures. It is:

LTE / 3G / edge compatible
satellite compatible
WIFI compatible where WIFI available
Peer to Peer for underground and poor connectivity areas

Tonnes up, costs down. No capital investment required.

MaxMine is a service, which means that no capital investment is required for roll-out and implementation. Our agile delivery model ensures effortless integration within 2 weeks.



Tom Cawley


Tom holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Graduate Diploma in Business.


Dr. Rick Morgans

Chief Technology Officer

Rick holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Adelaide


Jamie Foale

Operations Manager


Kim Eales

Principal Mining Integration

Kim holds a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources/Marketing) from Griffith University, Gold Coast.


Ben Chartier

Senior Development Engineer

Ben has a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace and Mechanical) from the University of Adelaide.


Olaf Larson

Project Manager

Olaf holds an Honours Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pretoria.


Peter Griffiths

Project Manager

Peter has a Bachelor of Engineering from Stellenbosch University, and an MBA from the University of Cape Town


Dr. Pierre Dumuid

Development Manager

Pierre holds a First Class Honours in Mechatronics Engineering PhD in Engineering (underwater acoustic communications) as well as a Diploma in Project Management.


Alex Cowley

Senior Development Engineer

Alex holds a Bachelor or Engineering (Mechanical) from Adelaide Uni.


Andy Murdoch

Senior System Architect

Andy holds a B.Eng (Hons) Software Engineering from Newcastle University (UK)


Colin Kelly

Colin holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic & Electrical) from Flinders University.


Ryan Holder

Graduate Engineer

Ryan holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Australia.


Linda Cawley

Business Manager

Linda holds a Bachelor of Management (Marketing) University of South Australia.

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We meet a lot of mining people who are wanting to see a technology solution (to give a step change in performance) but don’t know what it looks like. We also see in the mining technology space a lot of new-to-mining technical/cloud analytic people that don’t understand the problem, and/or the solution. Furthermore, a lot of the mining decision makers aren’t from the technology space or understand what is out there (“What is big data and IOT and how can it help you improve your business?”) – this has resulted in a lot of vapour getting sold or promised. We recognised these barriers in the mining industry, partnering with a global mining operational improvement firm to help us translate each of our clients needs into bespoke functionality for their site.


Maxmine has partnered with Lodestone Partners. As an engineering and operations improvement partnership we focus on the sustainable integration of new technology into your business. We know mining: Lodestone has 13 years of specific operational improvement expertise in the mining sector – with many industry and technology leaders. A technology solution on its own will not guarantee identified improvements are implemented, and more importantly made sustainable. Lodestone and our MaxMine Project Managers assist our clients to identify and quantify improvement opportunities and ensure MaxMine is customised for each site to deliver on the top improvement priorities. Lodestone is focused on working alongside your teams to coach and build the required improvement skills within your business, enhancing your mine operating system to ensure you get the most out of MaxMine, at the same time delivering bottom line improvement.