With Maxmine You Can…

Monitor and Optimize Operator Performance

Monitor and Optimize Equipment

Monitor and Optimize Haul Routes

Handle Ad-Hoc Requests With Support

Run & View Enterprise-Wide Reports Easily

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Made By Miners – No Frills, Pure Function, Deployed Globally…

MaxMine was developed by miners for miners in response to a need for a more comprehensive and customizable performance analysis and optimization platform that delivers more accurate insights, faster.

Combining industry-leading big data acquisition analysis with a deep understanding of the dynamic mining environment, MaxMine makes the invisible visible, taking performance analysis and optimization beyond the IOT to deliver a fit-for-purpose mobile equipment solution that generates results like never before.


You Can’t Solve A Problem You Don’t Know You Have

Current out-the-box mobile equipment solutions are only showing you 10% of the picture. MaxMine’s cutting-edge technology unlocks new data sources to fill in the other 90%, creating a detailed digital “twin” of your mine. Through intensive and extensive performance data analysis, MaxMine’s industry-leading cloud- and AI-based technology allows you to identify and capitalize on efficiency, productivity and profitability improvement opportunities that were previously inaccessible or invisible, by delivering actionable information into your teams’ daily workflow – all in near-to-real time to correct performance.

Mining Big Data, Extracting Efficiency…

MaxMine gathers upwards of 10 000 to 1 million times more   data than existing systems, which means you get a continuous crystal-clear bigger picture.

MaxMine’s platform uses cloud processing power and to analyze and visualize this data robotically, removing human analysts from the process to deliver faster, more accurate outputs, in order of priority.

Safety, operator performance, productivity, utilisation, haul route optimisation, machine health, tyre life – these are some of the areas of your operation where money is made or lost. MaxMine isolates problem areas, prioritises the improvement opportunities and supplies instructions to the frontline to resolve them.

MaxMine’s functionality is able to incorporate all existing data sources (continuous, ad hoc and recurring data, email, SQL, FMS, scans, API’s to third party systems etc.) while unlocking a world of new and previously inaccessible data sources.

What’s more, you’ll get a complete data history for historical analyses of new parameters, or for incident and accident investigations. Your data is kept under strict security protocols, accessible only to authorized persons.


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You Get Insights That Really Count…

Data means nothing unless it translates into real-world daily improvements that maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability. While gathering high-quality data is the first step, the real victory is in converting that data into insights that create value and generate results that count.

MaxMine delivers actionable insights that are consistent, accurate, practical and fair, allowing you to get the most out of your operation AND your operators.

MaxMine helps you evaluate, implement, track and deliver sustainable improvements over time, so you can continuously improve your optimization strategies, and measure your results accurately.

You don’t need to wait for results, either. MaxMine can be installed in 2 weeks, and data is available immediately with   and ready-to-go outputs. And because MaxMine is fully automated, it is unprecedentedly faster, more accurate, more cost effective and 100% scalable.


Maximum Simplicity For Maximum Results…

MaxMine’s user Interface (UI) converts detailed, massive data into clear, simple, focused improvement instructions for operators and supervisors via our user-friendly UI. This means that each and every day, your operation is in a constant process of refinement and optimization. What’s more, if anything changes within your operation, you will be automatically notified, with information on the nature of the change and its location.

MaxMine’s visualization systems show you exactly who is doing what, where and when, identifying both over- and underperformance, helping your teams identify solutions and improvements.


A Real Solution For Real Results

While other techpreneurs are advertising concepts and vapourware, MaxMine has already been implemented in mining operations around the globe, delivering valuable results, right now, to remove variation, reduce waste, improve operator feedback, increase tonnes, increase profits and more.

Success Stories…

Haul Truck Load

Keeping Load Size In Range

When it comes to the amount of dirt put on the back of a mining truck, it is true that size does matter. Or at least the size of the load. If you make it too light you are leaving

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Reduce Tyre Life

Turning Tyre Life Around

No matter how complicated you make it improving tyre life can be very simple. Be kind to them and they can last you a long time. On the other hand if you treat them like you did your first car

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Impact of Operator

Operator Variations Impact Mine Plan

Those operational miners amongst us know intuitively that the variation in operator behaviour has an impact on a plan. What we have never truly understood is how large that impact is.

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Fully Customizable, Fully Scalable…

We understand that the mining environment is complex and dynamic, and that every site is unique. A one-size-fits all solution will never be effective. Which is why MaxMine is NOT an out-the-box solution. It is fully customizable and site-specific, tailored to your mine’s unique and dynamic targets, requirements and challenges.

The system is readily scalable, so no matter how fast your operation grows, MaxMine’s solution seamlessly scales with it. We also understand the importance of enterprise-wide performance reporting for miners and contract miners with multiple sites in different locations and geographies. MaxMine is your solution to connect all these sites and establish one consistent performance management platform.


Connecting Problems With Solutions, Insights With Improvements

MaxMine’s technology delivers full coverage at even the most remote sites, without requiring expensive, patchy wifi network support, and it is fully independent of other site communication infrastructures. It is: LTE / 3G / edge compatible Satellite compatible WIFI compatible where WIFI available Peer to Peer for underground and poor connectivity areas.

Tonnes Up, Costs Down. No Capital Investment Required…

MaxMine is a service, which means that no capital investment is required for installation of MaxMine hardware and roll-out of our visualization platform. Our agile delivery model ensures rapid and thorough integration into your mining operating system.

In our experience most technology in mining fails at the production interface. Which is why the MaxMine delivery model looks beyond the simple installation of another technology on your site. Our experienced mining coaches work with your site teams to diagnose not only where the top improvement opportunities are, but also to establish a detailed production integration roadmap to ensure MaxMine is sustainably integrated into your existing mine operating system to enhance any of your existing systems and technologies.


With MaxMine You Can…

Monitor & Optimize Operator Performance

With Operator conformance scorecards, unit cost reduction, mine production report development integration, and more.


Monitor & Optimize Equipment Performance

Reduce the number of underperforming machines through equipment health reporting and real-time equipment performance diagnostics, automated alert systems for high value potential failures, and more.


Monitor & Optimize Haul Routes

With corner assessment and adjustment, haul condition analysis, loading analysis, mine planning support/optimization, and more.


Handle Ad Hoc Requests

With new features delivered every two weeks in agile development sprints, deep-dive investigations (safety, root cause analysis etc.), scenario testing, mine planning and budgeting support, and automation of existing manual reports, and more.


Enjoy Enterprize-Wide Reporting

Web-based platform allows rolled up reporting, analytics and benchmarking within your group.


With MaxMine, you get an improvement in mining unit costs through:

-> Reduced number of incidents / accidents on your site

-> Increased tonnes

-> Increased tire life

-> Reduced fuel usage

-> Improved operator productivity, reduced labour costs and less overtime



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Global Presence…