MaxMine Is An Automated Business Improvement Tool That Turns Technology Into Tonnes By Measuring Performance Differently.

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Operator Engagement

Equipment Optimization

Haul Route Optimization

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Haul Truck Load

Keeping Load Size In Range

When it comes to the amount of dirt put on the back of a mining truck, it is true that size does matter. Or at least the size of the load. If you make it too light you are leaving

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Reduce Tyre Life

Turning Tyre Life Around

No matter how complicated you make it improving tyre life can be very simple. Be kind to them and they can last you a long time. On the other hand if you treat them like you did your first car

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Impact of Operator

Operator Variations Impact Mine Plan

Those operational miners amongst us know intuitively that the variation in operator behaviour has an impact on a plan. What we have never truly understood is how large that impact is.

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Tonnes Up, Costs Down (Without Capital Investment)

MaxMine is a service, which means that no capital investment is required for roll-out and implementation. Our agile delivery model ensures effortless integration within 2 weeks.


Connecting problems with solutions, insights with improvements.

MaxMine is fully independent of other site communication infrastructures. It is...LTE / 3G / edge compatible...satellite compatible... WIFI compatible where WIFI available... Peer to Peer for underground and poor connectivity areas

Developed By Miners For Miners...

In response to a need for a more comprehensive and customizable performance analysis and optimization platform that delivers more accurate insights, faster. Combining industry-leading big data analysis with a deep understanding of the dynamic mining environment, MaxMine makes the invisible visible, taking performance analysis and optimization beyond the IOT to deliver a revolutionary fit-for-purpose solution that generates results like never before.

Global Presence…

A real solution, for real results.

While other techpreneurs are advertising concepts and vapourware, MaxMine has already been implemented in mining operations around the globe, delivering valuable results, right now, to reduce variation, reduce waste, improve operator feedback, increase tonnes, increase profits and more.