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  • 55% increase in tyre life
  • 9% productivity improvement


  • Open pit gold mine in Western Australia
  • Struggling with poor tyre life
  • Limited systems in place to measure operator performance, compliance and productivity

What we did:

  • Install MaxMine hardware on all trucks in the fleet, as well as other hardware for viewing outputs in different locations (shift meeting areas, deployment centres)
  • Gather baseline performance data during the installation and configuration period in order to identify improvement areas and to be able to measure operators and crews against their baselines
  • Configure access for all users at different levels to be able to view reporting and identify improvement opportunities for operators
  • Coach operators, supervisors and management on the different aspects of the MaxMine system, and ensure that MaxMine was embedded in the organization as a key part of the Management Operating System (MOS) to drive accountability and improve performance
  • Defined key operating metrics to drive improvement specific to that site, including
    • Speed zones for each area on site
    • Speed and gear targets for each section of the haul route, as well as up and down ramps
    • Defined corner specifications and speed limits for corners
  • Designed and rolled out shiftly reporting to operators at an individual level, with top improvement areas highlighted
  • Designed and rolled out overall shift reports to give supervisors a view on their top performing operators, as well as the operators with the biggest opportunities for improvement
  • Implemented daily reviews between supervisors and crews to identify and drive the top 5 areas for improvement

Client achieved:

  • Zero mobile equipment related safety incidents or events since the system was turned on
  • Overall speed conformance improvement from 60% to consistently achieving between 97 and 99.9%, resulting in:
    • 55% increase in tyre life due to increased corner speed conformance
    • 9% increase in productivity due to increased haul road speed conformance
  • Full ‘digital twin’ of the site available since the system was implemented in order to be able to go back and investigate and incidents or near misses should they occur

Daily conformance heatmap during baseline period

Daily conformance heatmap 8 months after installation was completed and operators / supervisors had been coached on the system

Screens installed in the deployment centres and users given profiles and login details on the computers to be able to review performance during shift meetings, and to be able to go into their profiles to identify the biggest improvement opportunities.