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"MaxMine is a quantum leap forward in the management and optimisation of equipment performance, and will quickly disrupt the traditional approach to FMS forever. This is true IOT and AI in the mining industry, that works"

We are an engineering and operations improvement partnership, having learned that a technology solution on its own will not guarantee identified improvements are implemented, and more importantly made sustainable. Our engineers and mining coaches make sure that MaxMine is hardwired into organisations operating systems as a key enabler to identifying improvement opportunities, tracking the improved performance when implemented, and diagnosing where the next improvements will come from.

We are experienced in big data processing, sensor technology and automation and over the last 14 years applied our technologies and processes in surface and underground mines, concentrators, smelters and refineries, in O&G gathering, processing and export, and automotive manufacturing and paper mills.

About MaxMine

Deeply Capable, Cost Effective & Fast 

Accurate & Fair 

Production Ready

The Implementation Challenge

Tyres and Fuel

Managing fuel and tyres underpins the success of managing a budget. Imagine being able to cut your tyre spend by 50%, (Our Clients Actually Achieve These Results). MaxMine will show you where and how to save on both every day! Even better than this we give you the information in a way that it does not require a manual to decipher.


Ask any of your controllers or supervisors and they will tell you that some of your operators are very inconsistent in their performance. Knowing this is one thing being able to identify specifically where and why is another. MaxMine does this for you. Imagine giving feedback to every operator every day about their performance and where they can improve.


Our data shows that operators have a good feel for equipment performance, so when they complain about truck performance you can confirm straight away (fault codes generally miss this). Imagine being able to identify if a truck is underperforming or being driven poorly. MaxMine gives you data everyday you can do something with.


Being able to review incidents with a live, high resolution download from a "Black Box Flight Recorder" would be fantastic. That is no longer a dream. MaxMine continues to learn what different incidents look like and track their occurrence and alert where requested. All of MaxMines data takes into consideration specific site rules. 

MaxMine is the next generation of operational technology aimed at optimising equipment and system performance. Its basis of operation is fundamentally different from existing systems; its capabilities are vastly different as a result

MaxMine collects ten thousand to one million times more data than other system, it robotically processes and analyses, identifies and prioritises issues and delivers actionable information directly into the daily work flow of operational teams

MaxMine is fully automated. It does not rely on a team of analysts. Hence it is dramatically faster, more accurate (because it is hands off), more cost effective and readily scalable.

What We Do

MaxMine delivers tools that identify and prioritise opportunities, then lock in and track improvements. We pinpoint and detail issues with driver, equipment, haul route condition and design. Only focusing on the areas that will give you the largest return. MaxMine supports you in locking in each saving, one at a time.

Done For You

High quality/high frequency data that allows you to make real-time decisions based on equipment maintenance, performance and operation on a daily basis. MaxMine is a unique technology that uses artificial intelligence to identify, implement and maintain improvements.

Your Team

MaxMine is here to save you significant cash and reduce your unit costs quickly and effectively. Maxmine operates as a service (capital free) our focus is on your business and ensuring that you get the information and solutions that you need, when you need them. This structure drives our team to focus on your business, everyday and ongoing.  

Your Fit

We take pride in MaxMine and want to ensure that each and every one of our customers are happy with what we do and how we do it. We also need to make sure that your organisation is able to realise the high value benefits offered. Above and below you will find links to start your eligibility check.

There are many technologies that have failed at the production interface, in mining. The Internet Of Things (IOT) has had limited success due to an inability to provide relevant, easily digestible and current information, or it has failed to provide new insight to sites’ operational teams

For a system to be readily adopted, it needs to be valuable, practical, consistent, accurate and fair. Given the many nuances of site operations, the dynamic and general complex nature of mine sites, and many exceptions to normal operations; a system needs to be deeply capable to deliver on “consistent, accurate and fair”

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